Wizards of Oz

Koa and Alex Smith have grown up in the midst of a pool of talent that rivals any in the world, including Alana Blanchard, Malia Manuel, Bethany Hamilton, Sebastian Zietz, Dylan Goodale, to name just a few. Coached by legendary surfer/shaper Ben Aipa, the brothers have bagged countless NSSA titles, Rip Curl Grom Search wins, and even advance through their fair share of heats during the Triple Crown. The playground of waves on their home island of Kauai has allowed them to develop a polished bag of wave riding skills from big airs to flawless tube riding. It also doesn’t hurt to have parents who pay for a trip to Australia every year from the proceeds of a stand in front of their house which they fill with avocados, tangelos, and tangerines from their orchard. The sign reads… “Organic produce for sale for surf trip to Australia,” and it works…here’s the boys in “Oz” getting some real tubes.

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