Your Favorite Shows of 2011

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being such a critical part of the first phase of Korduroy. You are the reason we have worked on top of our day jobs for the past two years. Your stoke is literally what has kept us kicking. Here are your favorite shows of 2011!


Top Videos in 2011

1. How To Claim – Surf Sufficient

There is no more tangible form of stoke than a surfer claiming a wave. But choosing the proper claim after a killer wave can be tricky. Not to worry, all questions will be answered in this episode of Surf Sufficient as we look at a variety of claims to add to your surfing repertoire.


2. Cy & Ed’s Mexcellent Adventures Episode 1 – Meth Town Tacos

Flashing lights, spewing smog, and humming hard drives ever spook your stoke? Then take a vicarious vacation with Cy and Ed, as they search for surf and salvation in the wasteland of tomorrow.


3. How To Live In A Van – Surf Sufficient

When times are tough or you just want to simplify your life and become more mobile, living in a van is a viable option. But like anything, living in a small space has its pros and cons.


4. Cardiff Kook Dinosaur Attack – Behind The Scenes

In the early morning hours a knock was heard at the door of headquarters. On the doorstep was a hard drive containing video of the Pterodactyl dinosaur installation on the Cardiff Kook. The following video tells a tale of fun, glory and the cruel pecking order of life in a Utopian community.


5. Shane Herring – InnerViews

We stumbled upon Shane doing ding repair in Bylesy’s used surfboard shop outside Byron Bay. Over a cigarette and bottle of wine, Shane shares some of his struggles and life lessons in this episode of Korduroy’s InnerViews.



Honorable Mention

6. Under The Sun Moments – Sea Movies

Nothing beats the look of film in the early morning hours. Here’s collection of shots from Under the Sun following Dave Rastovich’s sessions at little slab in NSW, Australia.


7. Star Dust – Sea Movies

Take notes kids. Filmmaker and the man behind, Richard Kenvin puts on a clinic riding a 6’2″ asymmetrical channel bottom board by Ryan Burch…


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